Blunt Top Fencing

Blunt Top Fencing

Blunt Top Fencing can be made square or round infill bars are available according to the height of the fencing specified. Because of the rigid nature of the panel, site conditions sometimes dictate the need for non standard items. As standard, we galvanise the railings and posts, but also offer a wide range of polyester powder coated finishes. Height of the railings is typically from 450mm to 2.4m, but non-standard heights up to 3m can be supplied.

Blunt Top Fencing

Blunt Vertical Steel Bar Security Fencing gives customers an versatile and attractive feature fence with classic traditional looks and a less threatening appearance. Secure against vandals whilst aesthetically pleasing and desirable, these are a great choice for the security conscious customer who values traditional style as well as durability.

Blunt Top Railings'application:

  • Schools
  • Residential Areas
  • Demarcation
  • Low to Medium Risk
  • High Security Areas
  • Parks

Blunt Top fencing

Height of Fencing (mm) Posts(mm) Railing(mm) Bars(mm)
900 50x50 40x5 12
1200 50x50 40x8 16
1500 50x50 40x8 16
1800 60x60 40x10 16
2400 60x60 40x10 20

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