Decorative Panel Fencing

Decorative Panel Fencing

Decorative panel fencing system is a spot welded mesh made out of galvanized low carbon steel wire and polyester coated.The panel is a bow-shaped panel, composed of one vertical wire profile welded in between twin-positioned horizontal wires.The horizontal and vertical wires are circular in cross section.

The panels are of heavy welded fence, 2015 mm wide and 2000mm (Max.) height.The mesh size is 200 x 65 mm. The fence panel wires are horizontal double wires of 8 mm and vertical wires of 6 mm.

Coating process
All panels and posts are to be galvanized, following which an adhesion coating is to be applied for a bond with the final polyester coating. The minimum coating thickness is 100micron (panels) and 60micron (posts).

Posts & fixing system
Post is manufactured from 60x60mm square hollow sections and fitted with M8 threaded inserts for securing panels, with a wide range of heights available. Posts come inclusive of top metal caps with ball.

Fixation of the panels to the posts is by means of metal fixing collars (galvanized and plastic coated) and with M8 security bolts out of stainless steel with self breaking nut.

Standard colors are Green RAL6005,White RAL9010,White Aluminum RAL9006 and Black RAL9005. Other colors are available on request.

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